Gift Ideas

My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up and the funny thing is she decides to give me a birthday wish list. From this list, I’m supposed to pick one (or more) to give to her. Well, for one thing, it’s a brilliant idea! Girlfriends should think this way in order to save the boyfriends time. Ha! Not that I’m being lazy but it’s pretty neat and practical. Don’t you guys disagree with me! And no, I’m not not romantic ok. Just saying this would be the perfect solution to avoid any disappointment and fights.

So among her list is a beauty product that can be bought online, a pair of heels, running shoes, and some super special spa treatment. I think I do know what I’m going to get her which is a real blessing to be able to decide one this fast and easy.

Ladies, have mercy on your guys. ;)

What Do You Think of Juicing?

How effective is juicing, do you think? Is it healthy? Is it even safe?

These are just some of the questions that people ask me about juicing. Well, to some extent, it is healthy. But juicing is not something you actually do every single day because as much as it is a great way to detox the body, you need to have regular solid intake too. I am no expert but since I’ve done this myself, I can only advice others to do it but not without eating other food too. That would be unhealthy.

To be honest with you, I only do this because I unfortunately can barely tolerate eating vegetables. I eat them because I know I have to but I wouldn’t if I could get away with it. Thus, the best thing that I can do is to juice. This way, I can easily blend up broccoli, kale and cucumbers and mask them with the sweet taste of strawberries.

Again, I must reiterate that you need other nutrients that you won’t get from just juicing. Another thing you must consider is that juicing may be low-calorie compared to other foods, it still can be a very concentrated source of calories. Plus, you won’t always feel fulfilled after juicing unlike you would after an actual solid meal.

So, to answer those nagging questions, juicing can be effective, safe and healthy when you do it the right way.

Settling Down

The past two years have been a blast! Not to mention really hectic. School and work got so crazy that I could barely do anything else. But about 6 months ago, things finally began to settle down (a bit), and I started dating this girl I met through one of my buddies. So, I thought that since I had time to go out and have an actual life, I could probably start blogging again.

Thus, here I am.

Just so you know, I still work part time as a gym instructor but since I’ve been working for the same gym for a couple of years now, I’ve been able to choose my own schedule. That has been a big help with my classes and, of course, with my girlfriend. ;)

That’s all for now guys. I’ll have more updates for you in the days to come.

P.S. Thought I’d spice things up and include new topics in my blog this time around.


Busy With Class And Work

Hello dear readers. This is an official announcement that I will not be blogging for a while. This is because I will be too busy with school and work. I cannot blog anymore. If devote time with blogging, I may not have enough time to properly take care of my school work and my job. Since my blog is just my hobby, I am no longer prioritizing it. I’m having a hard time juggling school and work as it is.

Just yesterday, I was told that I will have a series of quizzes from two professors at the end of the week. Unfortunately, the day before the quiz, I have to work with three special clients. This means I won’t have any time or opportunity to actually study for the quiz. This is my lot in life and I am accepting it because this is what I want. I want to have the chance to get a good job and earn a good living after graduation.

I am so busy about classes and work that I cannot even find the time to get a girlfriend. I ask you, if I cannot find the time to get a girlfriend, then there is definitely no time for me to actually start blogging. Because of this , my current blog is now put on hold. If you are expecting quality posts in the next few days, then you are in for disappointment. I will not be thinking about this blog ever. Right now, all my time and resources are devoted to classes and my job.

However, I am not permanently closing this blog.This is because that i feel after this semester, i may have the opportunity to blog again. This is why this blog will be online but it will not be as active as before. It may take a few months before I get the opportunity to blog again. Because of this, readers all only have to wait before I finally get to blog again. They should always remember that patience is a very good virtue and they should practice it if they want to rad new posts in this blog.

Health is Wealth

If you are always busy with a lot of things, you must always remember to take care of your health. It is not all fun and games because when all the stress and exhaustion catch up on you, it could be really bad. That is why we must always try to live a healthier life.

Do the little things like eating less of trans fat or eliminating soda in your diet or sweets. It is also much better if you start working out. You can work out at your own home using a treadmill or an elliptical machine. Each person has his or her own ways of doing things and if you prefer to go to the gym to exercise, then go for it. If you want to be comfortable and stay at home, it still is ok.


No matter what you choose, the important thing is to always aim for a better life. Even if you study really hard for an exam or work late to earn more cash, when you get sick, you really get sick. Health is wealth and that is what truly matters in the end.

As for me, blogging about things that usually happen to me has helped me keep track of my progress in school, work as well as my own health. I can say that I have done my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle even though I had my moments of letting loose and eating whatever I could. I used to enjoy eating a lot after all before I really decided that I must give more importance to watching what I eat.


It’s been a while since I last updated. This time, I didn’t have a lot of school work to keep me busy. I just didn’t have anything to share or I was just not in the mood lately to blog. Anyway, these past few days basically have been the same old routine. I went to school and then I went to the gym. I also worked out especially after that weekend which I blogged about the last time.

Well, I hate to bore you guys with this post so must cut it short and say good bye for now. Please do check back for a more sensible post next time.

Must Burn

This weekend has been unbelievable. After working hard for papers and projects, my friends and I decided to relax and chill over the weekend. I probably should have a lot more control but I missed eating anything I wanted so this weekend, I really ate whatever we had. Pizza, beer, pasta and everything else you can think of which people who try to have a healthy lifestyle should not have eaten.

But it was a great weekend. It was nice to catch up with friends who are also as busy as you with their own respective classes and work. However, I really have to do some serious exercise after that one.

Hope you had a blast with your weekend!

Gym Buddies

Working at the gym is a great venue for me to meet new people. There are a lot of new faces all the time and many regular ones too. These people I see almost every day, most of them around my age, have become my friends or gym buddies if you want the right term. It is such a nice feeling because those people who are just starting out actually look up to me for tips and they are encouraged by my perseverance to work out and be healthy.

While a lot of faces have come and go because gym is apparently just another phase, there are those who regularly show up and try to suck it up when exercises have become a bit more intense than usual. These are the people who are taking things seriously in life. They do not do things just because their friends also do it too or it is just not one of those “ways to lose weight”. Seeing them coming back makes me also feel encouraged and positive about my own life. Working and studying can be challenging to juggle together but when you know how to prioritize things then it could just be a lot easier each day.

Let us all live a healthier life! Thanks gym buddies.  :)

Stay Fit

As a gym instructor, it is important that I have to stay fit and healthy. Even though I just do it part-time, my credibility is still important or else my clients would not respect me or see me as someone who could actually help them with their health and fitness problems. Personally, I constantly work hard to keep myself in shape so that I can also give good advices and suggestions to my clients who would ask me about stuff that I can actually relate to.

Staying fit is easy if you just know how to focus and be determined enough to work hard. You only get what you give and if you only put a half-hearted effort then you will only receive as such. In everything else, it is important to sort out your priorities and if staying fit and healthy is one of the top goals that you have then it would be a lot easier for you to achieve this. No matter how tough and challenging it can be, as long as there is a will, there is always a way.